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Amazon ASIN Reinstatement Services

Amazon sellers can face two types of suspensions: (1) an account suspension, and (2) an Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) suspension. While similar, each has its unique considerations. An Amazon reinstatement lawyer from ESQgo®, PC can help you get your ASIN reinstated quickly so that you can resume your business.

What is an Amazon ASIN Suspension? 

An ASIN is a unique identifier for every product sold on Amazon consisting of 10 letters and numbers. Amazon uses this number to identify specific products available through their website and essentially serves as the backbone to their entire business. For books, the ASIN is the same as the ISBN, but all other products have a unique ASIN. The ASIN allows Amazon to track inventory, organize its vast catalog of items, and deliver relevant and accurate search results. 

An ASIN suspension is when a specific product listing is suspended for violating Amazon’s terms of service. Your product’s ASIN may be suspended for any number of reasons including the following: 

  • Copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property infringement
  • Customer complaints that a used item was sold as new
  • Duplicate listings
  • Unfair pricing
  • Selling unsafe products
  • Selling restricted products
  • Selling counterfeit or otherwise inauthentic items

There are many reasons why your ASIN may be suspended, and unfortunately, the reason isn’t always clear. To make matters worse for sellers, an ASIN suspension could lead to an account suspension. If that happens, you won’t be able to sell any products via Amazon, and they will hold any money that you have earned through sales for up to 90 days or more. If you have an ASIN that has been suspended, we recommend that you speak with an Amazon reinstatement lawyer at our firm as soon as possible. They can help you understand your options and get your ASIN reinstated quickly and cost-effectively. 

About Hijacked Amazon Listings

Many ASINs are suspended because the listing gets hijacked. Hijackers gain access to other sellers’ listings, and in an attempt to stifle their competition, engage in a wide variety of tactics designed to get your listings suspended. The most common way of doing this is by changing the product description, resulting in customer complaints. For example, you may be selling an item in packages of three. Hijackers will gain access to your listing and change your description to state that it comes in a package of five, which – as you can imagine – quickly results in numerous customer complaints that result in an ASIN suspension.

Even in situations where your account has been hijacked, Amazon will take action against you by suspending the ASIN, which may seem unfair, but Amazon assumes that you are at fault until you prove otherwise. An Amazon reinstatement lawyer can help you prove that your account has been hijacked so that you can get your listing reinstated. 

What an Amazon Reinstatement Lawyer Can Do For You

At ESQgo®, we have deep experience in helping Amazon sellers get their listings and accounts reinstated. When we work with a seller whose listing has been suspended, we take a multi-pronged approach focused on getting results: 

We determine the cause of your Amazon suspension. 

As mentioned above, it isn’t always clear why your listing has been suspended. We will thoroughly investigate your suspension, which includes researching your ASIN, identifying potential issues, and discussing your business practices with you in-depth. If your listing has been hijacked, we will document the issue so that you can report the hijacking to Amazon. 

We discuss your options and outline an appeal. 

If your listing has been suspended, you can file an appeal with Amazon. Once we’ve identified the cause of your suspension, we can then determine what action you need to take in order to correct the problem. We discuss what steps you will need to take to both get your listing reinstated and prevent future suspensions. 

We will draft your appeal. 

After discussing the actions you will need to take, we draft a custom-tailored appeal that explains why your listing should be reinstated. As part of the appeal, you are required to submit a Plan of Action, that provides specific details concerning the steps that you will take to rectify the issue. We know how to draft clear and concise Plans of Action that will help you get your listing reinstated as quickly as possible. 

We monitor your appeal and follow-up as needed. 

While Amazon sometimes responds to appeals within 48 hours, other cases can take longer to resolve. It is important that you not pester their team with follow-up communications. However, an experienced Amazon reinstatement lawyer will know when is the appropriate time to follow-up or escalate your matter. We also handle any additional correspondence that is needed if, for example, Amazon requests additional information concerning your case. 

We provide post-reinstatement guidance. 

We also help our clients avoid future suspensions, whether it’s related to an account hijacking or other issues. We can provide you with concrete strategies to prevent future problems so that you can continue to grow your business without additional disruptions. 

Having a listing suspended is understandably frustrating. Unfortunately, many business people do further damage by dashing off a hastily composed appeal. Even worse, sellers might try to relist the item with a new ASIN or list it on a new account. Attempts to circumvent the suspension are highly likely to jeopardize your reinstatement. Your best bet is to contact an Amazon reinstatement lawyer who can help you navigate the process quickly and cost-effectively so that you can put this issue behind you. 

Work With an Amazon Reinstatement Lawyer at ESQgo®, PC

Prior to founding our firm, Amazon Reinstatement Lawyer Mario Simonyan built and sold two seven-figure businesses on Amazon. As a result, he has extensive knowledge of how third-party selling through Amazon works and what you need to do when things go wrong. If your ASIN or account has been suspended, we can give you the help you need. For a free 1-hour consultation, complete our online contact form. The sooner you contact us the sooner we can help you get reinstated.