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Amazon Suspension Lawyer for Suspension & Reinstatement Help 

Attention Amazon sellers! If your Amazon Seller Account is suspended don’t worry, ESQgo has got your back! We offer Amazon Seller Account Reinstatement Services to help you get back on track as quickly as possible. Trust the experts to handle the situation and get your account reinstated.


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Types of Account Suspensions That We Handle

At ESQgo®, we have experience in helping sellers get their accounts reinstated no matter what the reason for their suspension. In general, Amazon suspends sellers’ accounts for one of three reasons: 

  1. Your performance as a seller has declined.
  2. You have violated Amazon’s strict policies concerning their service. 
  3. You are selling a restricted product. 

These are the general reasons why accounts are suspended, but the reason provided, on the suspension notice, to you will likely be more specific. An Amazon suspension lawyer from our firm can help with the following types of suspensions: 

  • Suspensions based on buyer complaints concerning your products
  • Suspensions based on having multiple seller accounts
  • Suspensions based on selling prohibited products
  • Intellectual property issues
  • Inauthentic or counterfeit items
  • Order defect rates greater than 1%
  • Late shipment rates greater than 4%
  • Pre-fulfillment rate greater than 2.5%
  • Allegations that used items are sold as new or products are not as advertised
  • Unsafe products or products that are expired

While the reasons for a suspension are common throughout the marketplace, we recognize that the facts and circumstances surrounding your case are unique. Our legal team takes the time to carefully investigate your suspension so that we can help you get back up and running as quickly as possible with an appeal amazon account suspension.


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At ESQgo®, PC, we understand the challenges that a suspension can bring. More importantly, we know how to overcome those challenges so that you can resume your business as quickly as possible. To schedule a free consultation, contact us to discuss your case with an Amazon suspension lawyer today.

A Closer Look at Amazon Account Suspensions

Below are some of the reasons that can lead to account suspensions.

Drop shipping in Amazon

To comply with Amazon’s policies, sellers must identify themselves as the seller of record when drop shipping. Any other way of drop shipping is forbidden on the platform. However, some sellers may unintentionally violate the Drop Shipping Policy by making common errors. These errors include drop shipping from other online retailers, providing inaccurate or reused tracking information, failing to fulfill orders after confirming shipment, and lacking valid and verifiable invoices to prove the authenticity of their products. Such errors can result in account suspension or the revocation of selling privileges.

Addressing Intellectual Property Complaints

The enforcement of trademarks, patents, and copyrights are covered under Amazon intellectual property law. It is one of the most common causes of account suspensions on Amazon.

With these violations, you will be notified of the complaint and your product removed from the listing to allow you to work out the issue with the owner of the rights.

If you choose to ignore the complaint then there is a high probability that your Amazon account will be suspended. One way you will get your account reactivated is by having your Amazon suspension attorney negotiate with the rights owner to withdraw the complaint.

Operating Multiple Seller Accounts

Amazon policies prohibit sellers to operate multiple accounts. However, some people ignore this.

You may apply for an exemption if your business genuinely requires another account. If you opt to overlook this step, then be prepared to face the Amazon specialists that are great at finding such infractions.

Hacked Seller Accounts

There has been an increase in cases of hacked Amazon seller accounts in recent years. Such issues can easily be handled by Amazon seller lawyers and your account will be reinstated. It is, however, your duty to set up security measures that will ensure that this does not happen to your account.

Selling Prohibited Products

Certain products are prohibited for sale on Amazon. The Amazon policy clearly states the kind of products that fall under this category. As a seller, you are advised to know these policies which are revised from time to time.

Authenticity Complaints

Amazon is very strict when it comes to product authenticity. Most of the complaints that reach Amazon seller lawyers are usually baseless. Oftentimes, they are made by disgruntled buyers that are not content with their purchase. The best way to handle such cases is to immediately respond to buyer complaints.

Amazon takes them seriously and is swift to enforce the account suspension. With the help of an Amazon suspension lawyer, you can put in place quality control measures that will protect you.

Copyright Infringement

The use of text or images that belong to someone else when creating a listing on Amazon is an intellectual property violation. Copyright infringement issues can be complicated as Amazon requires one to resolve the matter with the rights owner. It is best to obtain permission to use text or images to avert such occurrences. The use of an attorney will help you to resolve the issue and get your account reinstated.

Unauthorized Sales

This often occurs when a seller is not an authorized distributor of the products they are selling on Amazon. Amazon does not impose exclusive distributor agreements, however, this matter is taken as intellectual property infringement.

These complaints are usually baseless and expose the complainants to the liability of lying under oath. Amazon seller lawyers are capable of reinstating accounts suspended due to such complaints without too much difficulty.

Other Miscellaneous Causes of Suspension Handled by an Amazon Suspension Lawyer 

Other reasons for account suspension are negative feedback, late shipments or even trying to open another account after being suspended. It takes several complaints about an Amazon account to be suspended but there are instances where a single mistake is enough.

Accounts suspensions should not be too much of an issue, and getting the right attorney will ensure that your account is up and running in no time.

What Happens When Amazon Suspends Your Account

When Amazon suspends your account, you are obviously unable to continue selling your products. However, there are other penalties that impact sellers: 

  • Amazon will hold any money generated from sales but not yet paid for up to 90 days or more.
  • Amazon will charge you 50 cents or more per item that needs to be removed from FBA warehouses.

If your account is suspended, the good news is that there is an appeal process. Unfortunately, most appeals filed by sellers themselves are denied. Ultimately, your account could be permanently deactivated if your appeal is not successful. An experienced Amazon suspension lawyer can help you successfully navigate the process so that you can get your account reinstated.

The Amazon Suspension Process

Receiving the email that your account has been suspended can be daunting. It will help if you are familiar with the process and what it entails. 

Notification Email

The email you receive will proceed to tell you that your seller privileges have been removed, any current listings have been taken down, and no further funds will be transferred to you until you take further action. You then have 17 days within which you must file your appeal letter through seller central. Failure to do so may result in Amazon terminating your seller account permanently. It is important to note that even if the email does not expressly state the 17-day window, you must submit your appeal within this timeframe.

Response from Amazon

Once your appeal letter containing your Plan of Action has been submitted, it is typical to receive a response from Amazon within 48 hours. If a response is not received, it is acceptable to email asking for the response. When you receive the response is key because Amazon may request that you clarify or supplement the information provided in your appeal letter, and the 17-day window does not pause or reset during this step.

Permanent Deactivation 

If you fail to remedy the complaint within the 17-day window, your account will be moved from a temporary suspension to permanent deactivation. It is still possible to reinstate your account at this point, but it may be more difficult. 

Obtain Assistance with Amazon Suspension Process

Adhering to the timeline is not the only critical aspect of the suspension process. Ensuring that your Plan of Action and other documentation contains all necessary information and is worded correctly is imperative. Our Amazon suspension attorneys are well-versed in this process and have an incredible success rate of having suspended accounts reinstated.

Suspension FAQs Answered by an Amazon Suspension Lawyer

Should I make a new Amazon account if my seller account was suspended? 

No, do not create a new Amazon account if yours was suspended. Attempting to circumvent your suspension is likely to jeopardize your chances of getting your account reinstated. 

Can I modify my invoices to reinstate my account? 

No, do not attempt to modify your invoices after an Amazon account suspension. Sellers often believe that clarifying their invoices will rectify the situation. Unfortunately, Amazon is just as likely to consider this a fabrication, which will likely undermine any attempt to get your account reinstated. 

Who can I talk to about my Amazon account suspension?

When you receive notice of your suspension, it will direct you to communicate only with the Seller Performance department via email or through Seller Central. There is no phone number you can call to talk with someone in person. As frustrating as this can be, there are no other departments that can help you, and they may actually provide you with inaccurate or misleading information. We recommend you do not attempt to circumvent the Seller Performance department, however, reaching out to an Amazon suspension lawyer at our firm at this point is a good starting point toward a resolution.

What are my options after my Amazon account suspension?

If your account has been suspended, your only option is to file an appeal. While this may not seem like much time, it is critical that your appeal be thorough, logical, and well-written. There is specific information that Amazon will be looking for you to include. If you fail to provide that information, your appeal will likely be rejected. 

To reiterate, filing an appeal with Amazon is the primary way to get your account reinstated. You must follow Amazon’s process. An Amazon suspension lawyer at our firm knows how to draft an effective appeal that includes the information Amazon reps expect to see. Contact us today for assistance getting your account reinstated with minimal hassle. 

How an Amazon Suspension Lawyer Can Help 

Many sellers make the mistake of thinking that filing an appeal with Amazon is an informal process. As a result, they send an email that actually undermines their appeal by complaining about their customers, complaining about Amazon’s procedures, or by simply venting their anger and frustration. At ESQgo, PC, our team will help you by doing the following: 

We will identify the basis for your Amazon suspension

Contrary to what you may think, it isn’t always easy to identify why your account has been suspended. This is a critical step because it will shape how you proceed with your appeal. For example, if your account has been suspended for performance reasons, you will need to review your account and identify what issues you need to address. Your lawyer can help with this process.

We will help you draft a Plan of Action

Amazon requires that you submit a Plan of Action detailing how you are going to address the issue that prompted your suspension. An experienced lawyer from our firm understands how to draft a Plan of Action that succinctly summarizes the issue and the specific steps you will take to resolve it. 

We can manage the process once your appeal is filed

Often sellers do damage to their reinstatement by pestering Amazon once the appeal has been filed. Amazon states that it will respond to your appeal within 48 hours, but it can take up to 60 days. We know 60 days is a long time, that is why working with an Amazon suspension attorney is your best option for ensuring that your appeal is granted and your account is reinstated in the shortest possible time. 

*recovered for our clients in lost revenue from IP infringers and reimbursements from Amazon.