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Why Amazon Sellers Need To Trademark Today!

Maintain Sales Velocity

A trademark helps keep hijackers off your Amazon listings and ensures you don’t lose sales.

Increase Business Valuation

One of the fastest and easiest way to increase the value of your business is to trademark.

Amazon’s Brand Registry Approval

A trademark is now required to get Brand Registered with Amazon.

Who I AM

Get to Know the Lawyer, Strategist, 7-Figure Amazon Seller, and Founder of ESQgo

Mario Simonyan, Esq.

Mario started his first Amazon business in law school. Since then, he has built and sold two seven-figure Amazon private-label brands. During his six years as an Amazon seller, he discovered that most attorneys were not familiar with the legal needs of Amazon and e-commerce merchants. Therefore, after selling his brands, he decided to couple his Amazon experience with his legal knowledge, and form ESQgo - a ``digital age law firm`` focused on the needs of today's most innovative merchants.


Intellectual Property

Trademark Search/Clearance

The X-Ray before the surgery. A trademark clearance ensures that you are not infringing the rights of others. This comprehensive search consists of over 80 pages of results, and an opinion letter from an attorney advising you about any risks.

Trademark Registration

Trademark your private label brand name, logo, or trade dress. Preparation and filing of your USPTO application to best protect your Amazon private label brand and listings. The start of your journey to Amazon Brand Registry.

Copyright Registration

Ready to protect your Amazon listings from competitors? Protect your listing photographs, articles, ebooks, and any other creative work from infringement with a copyright.

ESQgo Defense

ASIN Reinstatement

Whether it is an IP infringement claim, order defect rate, inauthentic claims, or patent trolls, you need to get your ASIN reinstated. Our attorneys have been there , and understand that time is of the essence.

Account Reinstatement

Account suspensions is what keeps all Amazon sellers up at night. If you are unfortunate enough to be in such a situation, then you need a team that ensures you are their priority.

Hijacker Removal

In most scenarios, if you have a hijacker – then congratulations – it means your listing is doing exceptionally well. Now that we’ve congratulated you, let’s get that hijacker off your listing.

ESQgo Offense

File Trademark Infringement

Let’s effectively utilize your trademark, and pursue any competitors who are infringing on your mark. Whether it’s a competitor in the United States, in a foreign territory, or on social media – your rights need to be protected.

File Copyright Infringement

Competitor using your professional photographs or any other creative work? The law provides copyright holders several tools to protect your rights from encroachment.

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