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“A billion thanks to ESQgo® team!!!. They helped me reinstate my ASIN from the beginning to the end. They were very professional, responsive and tireless at helping me until my ASIN was reinstated after many appeals.”

- EZ. V.

“When my Amazon account was deactivated I never believed it could be reactivated. After attempting to work with Amazon myself, it became clear this was not going to be an easy task. The team at Esqgo® reviewed my matter and felt confident that they could assist me with reactivation. Wiem was patient and extremely kind to me while I was distressed about my Amazon account being deactivated. Her approach was calculated, thorough and methodical. After a few attempts my account was finally reactivated. I am still in disbelief. They are amazing and i cannot say enough great things.” 

- Elizabeth Lanza

“It was a great experience working with them. The team was responsive to questions and delivered information and documents on time every time. They know the process and were able to get my account re-activated after I ‘flailed’ on my own without success for months. Well worth my investment to get expert help. Thank you.”

- James Stewart

“My case had gotten dragged out for 8 entire months. Wiem and her team had stayed on top of the case the entire way through. Even though, most would have given up at that point. There was an enormous amount of work involved in the account reactivation and I’m incredibly thankful I had such a skillful and knowledgeable team by my side. This law firm really is the best out there.”

- Sergei Ivancenco

“ESQgo® offers impeccable services at a very reasonable cost. They helped us get our Amazon account reinstated in less than two months. Their staff were very communicative, honest, and worked tirelessly until our account was reinstated. ESQgo® not only got our account back, but also discussed with us many strategies, tips, and recommendations to help us navigate Amazon’s complex rules, policies and procedures. Our business has gained much more than just our account since hiring their services. We have learned a great deal about Amazon thanks to their great expertise, communicativeness, and strong desire to help sellers. I highly recommend ESQgo®.” 

- Francesco Ricigliano

“I don’t normally leave reviews (I know, shame on me!) but I would be remiss if I failed to leave a sparkling review for Wiem and her team at ESQgo®.

My Amazon account got deactivated and we sought the help of ESQgo®. Wiem took our case and I got the feeling that she cared about me as a person – not just a number – and about getting my account reactivated. At one point in the process, Wiem and her team worked overtime on a Friday evening to prepare an appeal that I was able to submit to Amazon without delay.

Wiem also rejoiced with me when, alas, my account was reactivated today. She said it made her day. 🙂 Well, she and her efforts have made my day and much more!”

- Lloyd Dunn

“ESQgo® is a great company to use when having trouble with an Amazon seller account. Wiem and Rochelle who were assigned to reinstate my online store were dedicated to finding the solution and were always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. They were diligent and worked to reinstate my store in a timely manner. I highly recommend ESQgo to anyone who needs help with their Amazon seller accounts.”

- Kevin McCarthy

“Our account was suspended due to inauthentic product complaints. We we hired 3 different consulting firms, however nothing happened and we were still suspended, ESQgo® Team managed to get the account reinstated for us in a matter a few months, we almost gave up not trying anymore to reinstate the account, the best move we ever made was finding ESQgo®, and now we are back in business. Don’t waste your time and money on any other organization, if any organization can get your account reinstated it’s ESQgo®!”

- Reza Khaknegar

“Great experience and very highly recommend! Mario at ESQgo® was very helpful, and following their advice was a great decision. They resolved the patent infringement of my product very quickly with Amazon. They will continue to be my go-to source in the future, should I need any legal representation with Amazon. Thanks Mario and team!”

- Perfec Draw

“High-quality legal services specially when it comes it Amazon. If you have a problem with your Amazon store this is the law firm you want to call.”

- Rho G.

“ESQGo® was hired to help me with a Section 3 Amazon suspension. I had already made the mistake of appealing Amazon myself (don’t do that) and I was honestly very nervous that my account was a goner. The team at ESQGo® was EXTREMLEY prompt in assisting me and after a couple of appeals, my account was reinstated. I do not believe I would have been successful without them. I hope I never need to use the service again, but if I do I know exactly where to go.”

- Kate Ames

“I had lost all hope that I would be able to get my amazon accounts reinstated and I figured that I would make one last attempt by hiring a legal team to help me write my appeals. Weim and Rochelle were incredible, they always answered my emails in a timely manner and gave me hope with their confidence in their ability to get my accounts reinstated. Do not hesitate to use this service! It has saved my business!! Thank you again!”

- Brian Cinnamon

“I had a multiple account issue with Amazon, and the team at ESQgo® was able to get my account unlocked. The follow through of the team members is great, and I want to thank Wiem for her great work! I would recommend their service if you are stuck with a locked account.”

- Nicholas Van Dam

“If you are on the fence about hiring a service for reinstatement, go with ESQgo®, you will not be disappointed.”

- Jonathan Nebelsick

“Highly recommended! My Amazon listing was deactivated and, although the case was complicated, Wiem managed to reinstate the listing! ESQgo® team is the best – professional, helpful and responsive!”

- Katerina Aspridi

“Had the pleasure to work with Mario and the rest of the team on multiple occasions, both Amazon related cases as well as intellectual property ones. Everyone over at ESQgo® is professional, responsive and dedicated to getting favorable results for the clients. Their experience with Amazon is invaluable and you’d want them in your corner when dealing with Amazon. ESQgo will be our go to for our legal needs!”

- Maxim Babooie

“ESQgo® assisted me when my Amazon Seller account was suspended. They were very knowledgeable about my situation and patiently answered all of my questions and walked me through the appeal process. They prepared everything for me so all I had to do was copy and paste my appeal. When Amazon initially rejected my appeal they knew exactly what to do and kept at it until Amazon finally actually reviewed my appeal and reinstated my account. Now if only Amazon’s team was as good as ESQgo® this whole mess could have been avoided! <Sigh>”

- Richard Davies

“Super professional and responsive. Our account was reinstated in 48 hours after the appeal. Thanks Wiem for your hard work on this.”

- Kathleen McAneany

“ESQgo® got my Amazon account reinstated after I worked with another well known company that was unable to help and actually did more harm than good. Mario and Wiem stuck through it with me and went above and beyond. Thank you!”

- Martin Syrovatka

“Hire Them ASAP! They were successful with my case and are experts! ESQgo® started working on my case from the 1st Minute and they pushed hard. I’ve worked with many different attorneys and Mario & his staff are calm, understanding, experts in their field, and will win for you. Highly Recommend!”

- Vatche Yeressian