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Walmart Lawyer Providing E-Commerce Solutions for Walmart Sellers

Similar to Amazon, Walmart also provides a platform for online retailers to gain market access and grow their business. As our Walmart attorneys know all too well, Walmart goes to great lengths to make this service sound simple and straightforward, but sellers are required to comply with stringent requirements. Without intending to or realizing it, sellers can easily run afoul of Walmart’s policies and find themselves facing a suspension – a disastrous consequence for any business. Without a Walmart seller account reinstatement, your source of income could be halted. 

In addition, online marketplaces are filled with unethical sellers who may use “black hat” tactics to jeopardize your business or attempt to profit from your intellectual property. Whether you are an established seller or are considering starting a Walmart business, a Walmart lawyer can help you protect your brand and overcome the challenges you encounter along the way. 

How a Walmart Lawyer from ESQgo® Can Help Business Owners

Our founder, Mario Simonyan, built and sold two online businesses before starting ESQgo®. As a result, he understands the opportunities and the pitfalls that e-commerce businesses face. He and his team of Walmart attorneys draw upon this experience and knowledge to help our clients meet their needs by providing a wide range of services, whether you are dealing with disputes with, you need a Walmart account reinstatement lawyer or are trying to protect your business from unscrupulous sellers. 

Intellectual Property Representation

ESQgo®, PC is an intellectual property law firm with a focus on e-commerce. As a result, we help our clients navigate the challenges of intellectual property registration and infringement. We help our clients with the following intellectual property matters: 

Along the way, we evaluate your intellectual property needs and determine the level of protection that is appropriate for your business. With a focus on cost and the future success of your business, our Walmart lawyers help you find the right balance between the protection you need and your bottom line. 

Intellectual property infringement is very common in the world of e-commerce. Unethical competitors may attempt to use your copy, imitate your packaging, or even sell imitation products. Conversely, these same competitors may accuse you of infringement. Whichever situation you may be facing, a Walmart lawyer at our firm can help Marketplace sellers defend their intellectual property rights. 

Item Removal May Require the Help of a Walmart Attorney

Another common issue for Walmart sellers is having their products removed from Walmart Marketplace. This is usually due to underperformance – Walmart has specific benchmarks that your sales must meet in order for your product to be listed on their site. If your product is removed, your only option is to open a case with Walmart’s Partner Support department. As part of this process, you will be requesting Walmart to review your item and explain why it should be relisted. You will likely need to improve the quality of your content, explain why your product is different from those offered by other sellers, and provide a plan as to how to improve your sales performance. If your case is successful, your item will be relisted. The difficulty is, however, twofold: 

  1. You need to make a persuasive argument as to why your item should be relisted that includes all of the information explained above in a clear and concise manner; and
  2. If your item is relisted but subsequently removed, you may run the risk of your product being permanently removed from Walmart Marketplace. 

A Walmart lawyer from ESQgo®, PC can help you navigate this process successfully as well as avoid future delisting’s. 

Our Attorneys Help with Walmart Seller Account Reinstatement 

While every business owner knows how to handle dissatisfied customers, many entrepreneurs don’t realize that customer disputes may jeopardize your ability to sell your products on Walmart Marketplace. Even if you dutifully issue refunds and attempt to rectify the situation with a dissatisfied customer, too many disputes or complaints of a serious nature can result in an account suspension. This means that you may not be able to operate your business or receive payment until the situation is resolved. 

You should also understand that Walmart Marketplace has strict policies concerning how you respond to customer complaints. These policies mandate how and when you reply to complaints and when you must issue refunds. Failure to comply with these policies can result in the suspension of your account. And again, it is important to note that you must follow Walmart’s policies even if the customer is being unfair or unreasonable. If you are concerned with how to reply to a dissatisfied customer or how to proceed with a Walmart seller account reinstatement, an important first step is consulting with a Walmart lawyer. 

Walmart Account Reinstatements 

One of the most vital services we provide to our clients is helping them get their selling privileges reinstated. It goes without saying that having your account suspended could be disastrous for your business. Unfortunately, the reasons why your account was suspended are not always clear. In addition, your only course of action is to file an appeal with Walmart. Unfortunately, the appeal process isn’t clear, either – Walmart’s own Seller Help Center only details what you need to do if your account was suspended due to underperformance. They provide no explanation as to what to do if your account was suspended for some other reason. 

It is important to take the appeal process seriously. If unsuccessful, your reinstatement will be denied and you may have no further recourse. At ESQgo®, PC, our Walmart seller account reinstatement lawyers know how to craft a successful appeal so that you can resume your business as quickly as possible. We also provide guidance to our clients as to how to avoid future suspensions. 

Is Your Business on Walmart Marketplace? Talk to a Walmart Lawyer at ESQgo®, PC Today

ESQgo®, PC was built with a unique focus on e-commerce entrepreneurs. Our lawyers have deep experience in helping people build and protect their Walmart businesses and provide creative, forward-thinking solutions to the problems they face. Whether you are in the startup phase or are an established seller and need help with Walmart account reinstatement, an attorney from ESQgo® can help you meet your business goals.