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Amazon Listing Hijacking Services

You’ve poured a tremendous amount of time and energy into launching your product on Amazon. Just as you begin to see some success, you suddenly discover that someone else is taking advantage of your hard work by hijacking your Amazon listing. When this happens sellers typically experience customer complaints and sometimes account suspensions, which ultimately undermines your business. If you have a listing that has been hijacked, an Amazon product listing lawyer at ESQgo®, PC can help you get the issue resolved quickly and cost-effectively. 

What is Amazon Listing Hijacking?

A listing hijacking is when an unscrupulous seller finds a successful product on Amazon and then list their product under yours in order to capitalize on your ranking and past success. Unfortunately, they are selling a different product that is likely of lower quality – it may even be a totally different product. As a result, listing hijacking often leads to negative feedback and complaints from customers, which can, in turn, lead to account suspension and a dilution of your brand. 

How Do I Stop Someone From Selling My Product on Amazon?

If your listing has already been hijacked, you need to take immediate action by filing a complaint with Amazon. You will need to submit documentation of the hijacking, including screenshots, photographs, or anything else that shows that the hijacker has taken advantage of your listing. If Amazon acts on your complaints, it may result in the suspension of the other seller’s item or even suspension of their seller’s account.

Can You Use Someone Else’s Listing on Amazon?

Using another seller’s listing to offer inauthentic products is a clear violation of Amazon’s terms of service and can result in immediate suspension of your product offer or suspension of your seller account. 

How Do I Fix a Suppressed Listing on Amazon?

Listings can be suppressed when they do not meet Amazon’s rigorous listing requirements. This often happens when listings are hijacked because the images and description no longer match Amazon’s specifications and requirements as they have been changed by the hijacker. To fix a suppressed listing, you need to go to “manage inventory” in Amazon Seller Central. Click on the “suppressed” button, and then click the “edit” button to make the necessary changes. Once completed, you need to consider filing a complaint with Amazon if your listing was suppressed because it was hijacked. 

How to Protect Your Amazon Listing

While filing a complaint may address your immediate problem, you need to take steps to guard against future hijackings. Our Amazon listing attorneys have organized some steps you can take to protect against your listings being hijacked going forward: 

  • Continuously monitor your account. Many sellers list their items and become complacent when their items are doing well. Your success will act as a magnet to hijackers. 
  • Consider intellectual property protection. Getting a registered trademark, copyright, or patent protection gives a stronger claim when filing your complaints with Amazon. In addition, hijackers are less likely to target sellers who have invested time and money in protecting their intellectual property
  • File with Amazon’s Brand Registry. Amazon’s Brand Registry provides numerous benefits to sellers for those who have a registered trademark, which includes powerful tools for identifying and reporting hijackers. 
  • Seek legal assistance before you have an issue. An Amazon product listing lawyer can help you position your business for future growth and put measures in place to prevent issues from occurring. 

Contact an Amazon Product Listing Lawyer Today for Immediate Assistance

Hijackers are rampant on Amazon and the only solution is to aggressively protect your intellectual property rights. Prior to founding ESQgo®, PC, Mario Simonyan built two seven-figure businesses on Amazon. He knows the challenges you are facing and how to get ahead. To work with us, contact us today to schedule a free 1 hour consultation.