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Walmart Account Reinstatement Attorney for Suspended Marketplace Vendors

Conducting business as a seller on requires strict compliance with the Marketplace Retailer Agreement. When a seller fails to abide by this agreement, it is necessary to complete the arduous process for Walmart seller account reinstatement. This proceeding is detail-oriented and best handled by an attorney experienced in the process of account reinstatement. At ESQgo®, we are an intellectual property firm with a focus on e-commerce, and we can assist with all aspects of the account reinstatement.

Issues That Get Your Walmart Seller Account Suspended & How To Avoid Them

Walmart allows sellers to sell their products worldwide and is second to only Amazon as an e-commerce retailer. As such, it is no surprise that they demand vendors on their site to adhere to high standards. Listed below are five  common reasons that can get your Walmart seller account suspended.

Failure to Comply With Walmart Marketplace Seller Performance Standards 

Walmart performance standards for most sellers on the Marketplace include the following:

  • On-time Delivery Rate (OTD): This refers to the percentage of orders that should be delivered on or before the expected delivery date. Walmart sellers are expected to keep their OTD at greater than 95% in a 14-day period.  
  • Valid Tracking Rate (VTR): This refers to the percentage of orders with valid tracking information provided and delivery scan on or before the expected date of delivery. Walmart sellers are required to keep a VTR that exceeds 99% in a 14-day period. 
  • Cancellation Rate: This refers to the percentage of orders that are canceled after they are received from Walmart, and it must not exceed 2% in a 14-day period.

Breach of The Terms of The Walmart Marketplace Retailer Agreement

To become a seller on Walmart Marketplace, you must agree to the terms of the Marketplace Retailer Agreement. It is important that you stay up to date with any changes and conduct your business within the agreement’s terms and conditions. The agreement is broad in scope and ensures you will not sell any fake or unauthorized products, as well as affirms that you will process orders within the standards established by Walmart.

Trust & Safety Standards Agreement Violation

Sellers must comply with the Trust & Safety Standards Agreement, which measures the following three types of safety violations:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Selling products that are considered to be a risk or banned. Examples include gambling products and prescription drugs.
  • Offensive Product: Selling products that are considered offensive in nature, such as those that promote discrimination or exalt violence.
  • Intellectual Property: Items sold must list the creator or owner unless the seller owns them.

Failure to Meet Standards Of Operation

It is required that all sellers on Walmart Marketplace meet or exceed operational procedures, including superior customer service, and that they maintain a healthy and safe work environment that promotes respect and equality.

Outrageous Pricing Violations

Walmart enforces the following two rules when it comes to the prices of products on Marketplace:

  • A seller must not offer the same product on a competitors site at a lower price
  • A product must not be available on a competitor’s site or Marketplace by any other entity at a substantially lower price.

How to Get Your Walmart Seller Account Reinstated

Having a suspended account reinstated can be a daunting task, which is why you often will need the help of an attorney that is familiar with the process and has a successful track record in having Walmart accounts reinstated. As an intellectual property firm with a focus on e-commerce, this is an area we know, and we are proud of our success rate in reinstating accounts. 

Research & Analyze Walmart Marketplace Seller Performance Standards

If you’ve been suspended from selling on the Marketplace, you may have violated Walmart’s seller standards in some way. Now is the time to review the terms you agreed to when you became a vendor, as well as any updates or revisions that have been issued to ensure there is nothing new of which you are not aware.

Audit Business Practices

After reviewing the seller performance standards, it is time to figure out what error was made and how to prevent it from happening again. Promptly finding the root of the problem is essential to reinstatement, and if you need help during this auditing process, the professionals at ESQgo can assist you.

Formulate & Implement Both Short & Long-Term Plans To Get Back On Track

Resuming business as usual is a top priority when your Walmart account is suspended. Formulate a plan that makes it clear you understand the error that was made, how it was made, and the steps  required to prevent it from happening again. Walmart needs to be reassured that you will not commit the same error or omission again. Once you have specified your plan of action, forward it to Walmart for approval. Lastly, after being reinstated, you do not want to break your agreement a second time as it is unlikely you would receive a second reinstatement. Look for a long-term solution, such as new software, to keep you on top of things and in Walmart’s good graces.

Never Stop Improving

Finally, to keep your Walmart seller account in good standing and avoid another suspension, it is imperative that you keep yourself up to date with any new rules and regulations. It is best practice to continuously look for ways to improve your product, delivery, and customer service. 

Speak With An Experienced Walmart Account Reinstatement Attorney

You depend on your ability to sell on large platforms to sustain your workflow and support your business. Therefore, when you have your Walmart seller account suspended, your livelihood depends on your ability to have your account reinstated swiftly and in the proper manner. At ESQgo®, our attorneys are well-versed in handling Walmart seller account reinstatement matters and can move the process along professionally and expeditiously. This is what we do – and we excel at it. Contact our firm today to learn how we can help you not only maintain but grow your online business.