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Is An Amazon IP Accelerator Law Firm Better Than An ESQgo Amazon IP Lawyer?

Mon Feb 28, 2022 Intellectual Property

There is a program through Amazon where they connect businesses like yours with intellectual property (IP) law firms that provide trademark registration services and access to brand protections on the marketplace.  So what makes this program so special, and are their IP attorneys better than an Amazon IP lawyer at ESQgo? The answer is, without a doubt, “No.” Let us explain why. 

We Do What They Do, Only Better

The Amazon IP Accelerator was launched to assist small- and medium-sized businesses with obtaining intellectual property rights and brand protection in Amazon’s stores. This is accomplished through two courses of action, connection with an IP lawyer to help you get started with filing a trademark for your brand and early access to certain protection features for brands. 

Connection With An IP Lawyer

Attorneys affiliated with the Amazon IP Accelerator are touted as being able to perform certain functions such as brand research and filing a trademark application. While this may be true, it is a service that should be provided by every Amazon IP lawyer, whether or not they are affiliated with the Amazon IP Accelerator program.

You may have the impression that utilizing the services of an attorney through the Amazon IP Accelerator will allow you to have your application received and reviewed by the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) more quickly than other attorneys. However, the timeline is the same no matter who files the application. For most businesses, it means waiting 8 to 12 months for the USPTO to review your application. 

There is a way to have your trademark application expedited, but it is only available in limited circumstances and requires that you file a petition with the USPTO requesting special treatment. It is typically an option when an applicant is faced with the potential loss of substantive trademark rights. To prove this, the applicant is required to demonstrate special circumstances, such as pending litigation or trademark infringement (actual or threatened).

Accelerated Access for Brand Protection

Another reason it may seem like an attorney contracted through the Amazon IP Accelerator network is a superior choice is because it allows brands with a pending registered word or design mark to be eligible for early enrollment in Amazon Brand Registry. In other words, by using the Amazon IP Accelerator to recommend an Amazon IP lawyer, you can have access to Amazon Brand Registry in as little as 7 to 10 days from today. While this also may be true, it is not a benefit exclusive to Amazon IP accelerator law firms. Brands that have a trademark pending registration are also eligible for Amazon Brand Registry. 

So why do we say we do what they do, only better? Allow me to introduce our Dynamic Brand Chamber.

Dynamic Brand Chamber

The USPTO requires that you identify the category of goods and services (known as “International Classes”) your trademark will cover. Each International Class identified will cost approximately $275. Because of this, when you expand your brand to include a different type of product than those currently offered, it is possible you may end up paying the government several thousand dollars for your trademark application. 

Dynamic Brand Chamber is our trademarked strategy that allows you to save money by only paying for one International Class yet register a USPTO trademark that allows flexibility in expanding to an unlimited number of product categories and enrolling in the Amazon Brand Registry. In other words, the Dynamic Brand Chamber saves you, our Amazon seller client, both time and money while allowing you to expand your business venture.

Consult With An Amazon IP Lawyer at ESQgo

If you are seeking advice on obtaining a trademark or patent, or you are interested in becoming a seller on Amazon, we encourage you to contact our firm to speak with an Amazon IP lawyer. Do not assume the best route is through the Amazon IP Accelerator. At ESQgo, we are lawyers that focus our practice on assisting Amazon sellers like you, and we take pride in our craft. You may reach our firm by calling 888-600-1925 or via our contact page.