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Dear Amazon Seller, You Might Need A Dynamic Brand Chamber

Wed Sep 4, 2019 Amazon Brand Registry

When you apply for trademark registration, the USPTO requires you to identify the International Classes (category of goods/services) that your trademark covers. 

Therefore, if you’re selling doormats, knives, shoes, pens, and keychains or plan to expand your brand to offer different types of products, you may end up spending a few thousand dollars on government fees for your trademark application. The government fee for each International Class is around $275.

We have been approached by several Amazon private label sellers who are in this situation – they want broad coverage for their trademark but are reluctant to spend a few thousand dollars to get that protection; therefore, we created a trademark strategy called the DYNAMIC BRAND CHAMBER. 

Using our DYNAMIC BRAND CHAMBER, you can save money by paying for only one International Class, yet register a USPTO trademark that allows flexibility in expanding to an unlimited number of product categories and enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry.

This strategy is not for everyone, and it has a few drawbacks: 

  • It requires that you have a separate website where your products will be offered.
  • We utilize a service mark (a type of trademark) to create your Dynamic Brand Chamber, so essentially you’re protecting your website. 
  • This involves a technical process that requires the help of a trademark attorney.

In other words, this strategy is cost-saving and provides flexibility to expand into various products but the trademark provides limited trademark protection which can be cured at a later point by utilizing additional trademarks for products that are very profitable. 

The dynamic brand chamber refers to IC 35, which is a service mark (yes, it’s not a goods mark). If you have a website or retail store where you sell doormat, knives, shoes, pens, furniture or other goods, you are providing a retail service. By filing your trademark application under this class, you are allowed to expand your product line to different items yet only pay for one IC.

This is one of many reasons why we recommend hiring a trademark attorney who specializes in Amazon brands to help you plan which trademark classes will be the most beneficial for your business. If you still need help with your trademark application, get in touch with us today. Our team can help ensure your trademark application runs smoothly without redundant costs!