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A seller and copywriter based in Guatemala City, Javier was born and raised in the suburbs of the nation’s capital.

At ESQgo, Javier supports all efforts to help our community of business owners and professional sellers, by handling our social media and other networks that allow us to connect and share our law firm’s expertise with new and returning clients. He plans, generates, and spreads valuable content so that the members of our community grow.

Prior to joining ESQgo, he worked as a journalist for four years to then become a marketer. He had an initial career in ad agencies to later support a startup as Head of Acquisition Channels. A true journalist at heart, he’s never stopped acting like one: asking questions and telling stories. Javier has published 5000+ articles throughout his career and worked with 50 brands, and a variety of business models, including eCommerce, Direct-to-consumer, insurance, and education. For the last three years since, he’s made his focus out of helping businesses unlock their full potential.

Outside work, Javier enjoys hiking and reconnecting with nature. Having 37 volcanoes to explore in Guatemala, his goal is to climb them all!