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How to Deal with Negative Feedback and Complaints as an Amazon Seller

Tue Jul 11, 2023 General

As an Amazon seller, negative feedback and complaints can be a common challenge. However , you can effectively handle these issues and maintain a positive reputation with the proper knowledge and skills. This comprehensive guide will provide valuable insights and strategies to address and resolve customer complaints on Amazon. Our partners at EcomEngine crafted a fantastic article on transforming negative customer feedback into an asset for your online business. Go check it out!

Amazon Seller Complaints: Understand Feedback and Complaints

Receiving feedback and complaints is crucial for the success of your Amazon business. Legitimate complaints and feedback offer valuable insights into customer satisfaction and areas for improvement. Rather than considering negative feedback and complaints as obstacles, view them as chances to develop and gain knowledge.

Occasionally, unscrupulous competitors may make false or unlawful accusations to harm your product listing. These sellers may deceive Amazon and cause ASINs and Account Suspension. Additionally, Amazon may suspend your account based on unfounded complaints without conducting proper research.

Types of Complaints that Lead to Amazon seller suspensions:

This are the Common Complaints Amazon Sellers Face

Inauthentic Item Complaints.

To successfully reinstate your account after a false claim of inauthenticity, it is crucial to provide receipts or invoices from the product’s purchase, including the distributor’s phone number and website.

It is essential to self-evaluate and comprehend why a customer perceives the product as fake. This could be due to packaging inconsistencies or misdirected grievances. Nevertheless, tackling the core issue and creating a detailed Plan of Action, alongside relevant invoices, can aid in reinstating the account and preventing future account suspensions.

Used Sold As New Complaints

If Amazon has suspended your account due to a complaint about a used product being sold as new, the most probable is that your product was delivered worn, dirty, or incomplete.  

To sell a product as “new,” Amazon and its customers expect impeccable packaging and product condition.

If your Amazon seller account has been suspended, you must submit a well-written plan of action that assures Amazon that your company has learned from the mistake and will not repeat it.

Product Not As Described Complaints.

Sellers must provide accurate and truthful information when describing their products. While it’s possible to mistakenly identify a product as a certain brand or type, it’s important to clarify that it’s not the same product.

Failure to do so can result in complaints and issues regarding authenticity and description. If this error occurs, it’s crucial to correct it promptly and take measures to prevent it from happening in the future.

Additionally, reviewing your listing thoroughly is recommended to ensure that the product being sold is accurately represented by the pictures and descriptions provided.

Trademark Complaints

Responding to trademark infringement or IP complaints on Amazon requires different actions depending on the complaint category. If the issue is with sourcing or product description, provide documentation to appeal. If it’s about unauthorized description, remove any infringing content from your product page. Read this post to learn more about this kind of complaint.

Copyright Complaints

Amazon sellers are facing more copyright infringement claims, primarily related to photographs. Valid complaints should be addressed, but many are unfounded. If you have questions about a complaint, an ESQgo lawyer can help.

Patent Infringement

If you receive a utility patent infringement complaint, you can use Amazon’s Neutral Patent Evaluation Process to resolve it. This method is cost-effective and time-saving, with experienced attorneys evaluating the dispute. As an Amazon seller, having an Amazon patent attorney represent you during the process is crucial.

For design patent infringement complaints, the determining factor is whether the product looks substantially like the patented design in the eyes of an ordinary observer. To strengthen your appeal to Amazon, it’s best to have an Amazon patent attorney prepare a patent analysis when facing a patent infringement violation.