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Understanding Amazon Section 3 Suspension: A Comprehensive Guide

Thu Nov 2, 2023 Amazon Tips

If you’re an Amazon seller, receiving a suspension notice from the company can be one of the worst things that can happen. This can be especially devastating if you are not familiar with the specific reason for the suspension. One of the most common types of suspensions on Amazon is the Section 3 suspension. In this guide, we will break down what a Section 3 suspension is and how you can handle it to get your account reinstated.

What is Section 3 Amazon Suspension?

If you violate Amazon’s policies, your selling privileges may be suspended. This is known as a Section 3 suspension, as it falls under the prohibited seller activities listed in Section 3 of Amazon’s seller policies. There are several reasons why this may happen, such as selling counterfeit or restricted products, manipulating reviews, or violating Amazon’s terms of service. 

We put together a Seller’s Guide To Amazon Suspensions in 2023 if you want to understand these issues better.

How to Handle a Section 3 Suspension

If you ever receive a Section 3 suspension notice from Amazon, the first thing you should do is carefully read the email and understand the reason for the suspension. 

Amazon will usually provide a specific reason for the suspension, along with any evidence they have against you. So, it’s essential to thoroughly review this information and gather any evidence that can support your case.

Next, you should respond to the suspension notice by submitting an appeal to Amazon. In your appeal, you should acknowledge the reason for the suspension and provide a detailed plan of action on how you will rectify the issue and prevent it from happening again in the future.

It is crucial to be honest and transparent in your appeal, as Amazon values these qualities in their sellers.

We have created a comprehensive guide on the steps to take when appealing a deactivated Amazon account, read it here

Seeking Professional Help

If you are uncertain about how to deal with a Section 3 suspension or if your appeal has been unsuccessful, seeking professional help could be beneficial. Dealing with an Amazon account suspension can be a complex and time-consuming process. Therefore, seeking expert guidance from a professional can be very helpful.

An Amazon seller attorney can guide you through the reinstatement process and help you understand what to expect. At ESQgoⓇ, we offer the services of experienced Amazon seller attorneys who can be reached by calling 866-203-0541 or via our contact page. We also offer a free initial consultation.

Collaborating with our team has several advantages, including:

  • Expert Knowledge and Experience: We understand the intricacies of the reinstatement process and can navigate it effectively on your behalf.
  • Personalized Guidance: We can review your suspension notice, evaluate your account, and create a tailored plan for reinstatement.
  • Crafting a Compelling Appeal: We have experience presenting cases to Amazon and know how to address each issue effectively.
  • Evidence Gathering and Documentation: We can help you gather the necessary evidence and documentation to support your case before Amazon.

Get the help you need to reinstate your Amazon account today!

Preventing Future Suspensions

After your account has been reinstated, it’s essential to take preventative measures to avoid future suspensions. This includes keeping a close eye on your account for any policy violations, regularly reviewing Amazon’s policies, and staying up-to-date with any changes or updates. Additionally, good communication with Amazon is key, and any issues should be promptly addressed.


Dealing with a Section 3 suspension on Amazon can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. However, by understanding what it is and how to handle it, you can increase your chances of getting your account reinstated.

Always be honest and transparent in your communication with Amazon and take steps to prevent future suspensions. With the right approach, you can overcome a Section 3 suspension and continue selling on Amazon successfully.