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Patent Registration Protections for Your Invention

For many businesses, protecting their intellectual property is vital for their future success. This is particularly true for those people and businesses who have invented something entirely new – the cost of research and development can be substantial and you need to protect your investment. Costs aside, however, inventors are rightfully proud of their products and their hard work deserves protection. Whether you are a business or an individual inventor, ESQgo®, PC is a full-service patent law firm that is uniquely positioned to serve all of your intellectual property needs including patent registration. 

Why You Need to Register Your Patent

Unlike copyright or trademark, there is really no common law protection for inventions that are similar to what a registered patent provides. As a result, your invention is vulnerable to copying or reproduction without your permission unless it is protected by a patent. For businesses and inventors that have invested a tremendous amount of time, effort, and money in developing their products, patent registration is the only viable way to protect their investment. If you have a new product, a patent law firm can discuss with you whether you need to consider patent registration. 

Steps to Registering Your Parent

  1. Obtaining patent protection is a lengthy and complex process. It is helpful for businesses to understand at least an overview of the process before they begin so that they can set realistic expectations. 
  2. Determine whether your invention is patentable
  3. Determine what type of patent you need (utility or design patents)
  4. Preparation and submission of your application
  5. Respond to any objections, rejections, or requests from the patent examiner

Once the above steps are completed successfully, you will hopefully receive approval and your invention will be fully patented. However, this is only a very broad overview – the work involved in working your way through this process can be highly technical and quite difficult. As a result, we recommend that you at least consider working with a patent law firm. 

FAQs About the Patent Registration Process

What is the difference between a patent attorney and a patent agent? Which one is right for me?

First, it is important to note that both patent lawyers and patent agents must be registered with the USPTO to prepare applications on your behalf. Patent agents are not attorneys and their role is strictly limited to preparing applications. Patent attorneys, however, can conduct patent litigation and perform other legal services you may need in relation to your invention and patent application. A patent law firm can review your needs and discuss whether a patent attorney would be right for you. 

What happens if my patent gets rejected?

Even if your patent is rejected, you still have options. First, you can appeal the rejection. The other option is to file a “continuation application” – this is sort of like filing a new application, but focuses on the problematic aspects of your original application. Working with an experienced patent law firm minimizes the chance your application will be rejected, but if it is, they can help you navigate your next steps. 

Do I need an international patent?

This will depend on the nature of your business and your future goals. If you do not plan to sell your product outside of the United States, you probably do not need to apply for foreign patents through the Patent Cooperation Treaty. However, you may need to consider international patent protection if you anticipate future overseas business or are currently engaged in global commerce. A patent law firm can identify additional considerations based on your invention and your business plan. 

Let ESQgo, PC Handle All of Your Patent Needs

Patent registration is a costly and complex process. Responsive and forward-thinking, ESQgo®, PC is here to help you get the patent protection you need. To schedule a consultation, contact us today to discuss what we can do for you.