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IP Lawyers Working to Protect the Value of Your Brand

1. Trademark Strength Examination

We start by examining whether your trademark is registrable and protectable in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). If appropriate, we will advise you to slightly modify your mark to make it more distinct.

2. Brand Expansion Agility

Secondly, we evaluate your brand’s ability to expand into other categories. This gives you the freedom to add products to your product line, in the future, without having to re-brand.

3. Deep Search

Next, we conduct a “Deep Search” of USPTO/TESS pending and live trademarks to ensure your brand name/trademark does not infringe the rights of any third-parties, which would cause unnecessary delays or rejections during registration.

Our proprietary “Deep Search” goes beyond the mere “knock-out” searches, providing you an added layer of assurance that your application will not receive any unnecessary rejections from the USPTO.

4. Trademark Infringement Analysis

Once our “Deep Search” is completed, we will prepare a Trademark Clearance Report for your review, outlining our legal opinion about your trademark’s strengths/weaknesses, and any issues we have discovered. 

5. Preparing & Filing USPTO Trademark Application

Next, we will prepare and file your trademark application with the USPTO, and draft a custom goods/services description to provide your trademark with the broadest scope of protection legally possible.

Additional Trademark Service Perks

Our trademark registration package covers a wide range of legal services after filing your trademark application, including: 

  • Responding to Non-Substantive Office Actions
  • Filing a Statement of Use (SOU) for trademark applications (Intent-to-Use basis)
  • Drafting Cease & Desist Letters 
  • Assisting you with enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry
  • Expediting your Trademark application, if applicable.