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Why You Should Use a Trademark Lawyer

Thu Mar 31, 2022 Intellectual Property

Using a DIY online service to file your trademark may seem like a good idea at first. 

After all, it is a simple form, so what could go wrong? Unfortunately, proceeding without the help of an experienced trademark lawyer can end in regret, for the following reasons. 

Business Growth

As a business owner, one of your main goals is to grow your business, and a trademark lawyer can help you do that. One of the first steps to getting started is having your trademark application approved. Trademark applications may seem simple, but that simplicity is deceptive. They require a professional Amazon IP lawyer experienced in crafting applications that knows how to proceed so that you will have the best chance at approval the first time. As a matter of fact, a Stanford University study found that 82% of trademark applications filed by attorneys are approved for publication while only 42% of trademarks filed by non-attorneys are registered.

In addition to having your trademark application properly completed and approved, hiring a trademark lawyer can be the first step in establishing a relationship that will prove essential to your business’s growth and success. Your lawyer will get to know you and your business, including your goals. They can help you lay the groundwork necessary to accomplish your objectives, and should a problem arise along the way, they will be there to provide the assistance you need.

Business Protection

Keeping your business legally protected is the primary focus of your Amazon IP lawyer. They use their knowledge, experience, and the tools available to them to ensure you can proceed with business as usual.

Search Clearances  

A trademark clearance search is a vital pre-filing action that involves a comprehensive search of various databases to ensure there are no problems with your use of a proposed trademark. A trademark attorney at ESQgo can perform this search for you and then provide you with an in-depth analysis to advise you of any potential risks. This is a service not typically provided by online or other DIY services. 

Legal Knowledge

The laws that govern trademark applications are specific and sometimes require an attorney experienced in how they are interpreted and applied to determine how they affect you. And while it would seem that having your trademark application approved would mean that you are in the clear, that is not always true. When you complete your application, you are required to sign that your statements in your application can be held against you under prosecution of perjury, so mistakes are not an option. Having an attorney is almost essential to ensure that your application is correctly completed. 

Speak with a Trademark Lawyer at ESQgo

Don’t put the integrity of your business at risk. Speak with a trademark lawyer at ESQgo and allow us to advise and assist you with obtaining the proper legal protections for your business. You may schedule a consultation with an Amazon IP lawyer by calling 888-600-1925 or via our contact page