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Why Sellers Need the Help of a Walmart Lawyer

Thu Sep 9, 2021 Walmart Law

Without the Help of a Walmart Attorney, Sellers Faces Hurdles and Possible Suspensions

To successfully sell products on Walmart Marketplace, it is important that sellers are familiar with relevant policies and standards expected by Walmart from its selling partners. This can prove especially difficult as sellers try to grow a business. This is why it is best practice to seek guidance from a Walmart lawyer who has experience with the huge conglomerate. 

Ways In Which a Walmart Lawyer Can Assist a Seller 

There are many different ways in which a Walmart attorney can assist a seller in finding solutions to problems they encounter selling on Walmart Marketplace. This includes understanding intellectual property matters, including but not limited to claims of copyright, patent, and trademark law infringement. An attorney can explain any area where a seller feels they may be subjecting themselves to a claim of infringement. In cases where there is an infringement claim made against a seller, an attorney can help address it so that they may continue selling.

An attorney may also be key in establishing parameters and procedures on the front end of a company to avoid problems from arising. After all, prevention is the best way to ensure a business operates uninterrupted on Walmart Marketplace.

The Negative Outcomes of Not Consulting With an Attorney

If a seller does not have the protection of a lawyer that understands how Walmart Marketplace conducts business, they may experience several negative outcomes, including:

  • Account suspension when a complaint is not timely addressed. 
  • Account termination, which can occur if a seller fails to properly address an account suspension or make necessary changes to their operating procedures. 
  • The cold shoulder from Walmart when they attempt to address and remedy the complaint lodged against them. A Walmart attorney will know the ins and outs of gaining the attention of those responsible for account reinstatement so there is no interruption in a seller’s ability to sell. 

Remember, Walmart is a huge corporation that brought in $559 billion in revenue in 2020 alone. They have unimaginable resources and deep pockets. Therefore, it is not advisable for an uninformed seller to go up against this giant without their own attorney to look after their interests.

Speak with an Experienced Walmart Lawyer

If you are a seller on Walmart Marketplace, contact our firm to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with a skilled Walmart lawyer. Our counsel will explain how we can help you grow your business while ensuring your methods do not run afoul of Walmart’s rules and regulations. If you already had a complaint lodged against you, time is of the essence in obtaining help so that you may continue selling without interruption. Contact our firm today.