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Prepare Now To Prevent a Q4 Account or Listing Suspension

Wed Sep 14, 2022 Selling on Amazon

It’s hard to believe it is September already! If you are an Amazon seller, this means Q4 is just around the corner. While you are already thinking about logistical matters such as stocking up on supplies and setting your PPC advertising, at ESQgo we believe it is time to consider setting up proper protections to minimize the risk of an account or listing suspension. After all, a Q4 suspension can be considerably more devastating to your business than a suspension at any other time of the year. To help you prepare now, take a look at the following three tips from an Amazon suspension lawyer at our firm.

Ensure All Inventory Is Supported By Appropriate Documentation 

Complaints about product authenticity, product condition, and intellectual property infringement (real or otherwise) all require a valid invoice from a verifiable supplier in order to appeal successfully. These are among the most common reasons for listing-level and account-level deactivations. Our advice is to be prepared and have all relevant documents ready, and take a look at this popular blog post from an Amazon suspension lawyer at our firm on what constitutes a valid and verifiable invoice.

Pay Attention to Related Accounts

Amazon usually makes changes to its algorithm right around Q4 which has historically caused hundreds (if not thousands) of seller account suspensions due to a related account. Most of these were false positives, but many were not. If you have another seller account that is suspended due to a policy violation, we recommend that you work on getting that account reinstated before Q4 starts. 

Focus On Your Account Health & Address Policy Warnings

Don’t ignore policy warnings. Even if you don’t intend to sell the product anymore, make sure you respond to the notification with a valid plan of action and communicate your intention to never sell the product again. One ASIN can lead to a whole account suspension so don’t risk it. Our article The Amazon Account Health Team & The Amazon Appeals Process helps explain this process. 

Speak With An Amazon Suspension Lawyer at ESQgo

An Amazon suspension lawyer at ESQgo can help you prepare now to prevent a catastrophic Q4 account or listing suspension. Contact us today by calling 888-600-1925 or via our contact page. We offer a free initial one-hour consultation.