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Looking For An Alternative To Amazon Arbitration? Our Amazon Seller Lawyer Discusses A New Option

Mon Jan 10, 2022 Selling on Amazon

It is almost impossible to operate a successful Amazon business and completely avoid any type of dispute. And unfortunately, the more successful you are, the more often disputes seem to arise. When you signed up for a seller account on Amazon, you agreed to be bound by a contract called the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement (BSA). This contract requires that you forfeit your right to sue Amazon and agree to submit any disputes to binding arbitration. Here is where having an Amazon Arbitration Alternative comes in handy. 

At ESGgo, we realized several years ago what a dilemma this puts our clients in and created an alternative that has been met with glowing reviews. We call it Synthetic ArbitrationⓇ, or SynArb, for short.

Amazon Arbitration Alternative: Why Synthetic Arbitration?

Our firm created Synthetic Arbitration in response to a recurring need of our Amazon seller clients. Disputes would arise, and our clients would be faced with the daunting prospect of arbitration being their only recourse to solve the problem at hand. 

Arbitration can be expensive and time-consuming, and at ESGgo, we understand that behind every business, there is a family depending on the income that the business derives. Synthetic Arbitration was born as a way to find our clients the solutions they need without lengthy or expensive arbitration. 

How Does Synthetic Arbitration Work?

Synthetic Arbitration has been successful at helping our clients avoid the pitfalls associated with Amazon’s mandatory arbitration. Rather than rely on Amazon’s internal seller departments and the arbitration process, we leveraged our knowledge of Amazon’s internal workings to open a side door.

Synthetic Arbitration is unique to ESQgo, as we have used our significant experience and extensive knowledge of Amazon’s processes to form a relationship with Amazon’s outside counsel. We are able to approach them with our client’s dispute and notify them of the result we expect. Then, if this does not produce the outcome we are looking for, we move forward with the arbitration process. 

What Kinds of Issues Has Synthetic Arbitration Helped Resolve?

We have been successful at using synthetic arbitration to solve a myriad of disputes, including: 

  • Complicated account suspensions
  • Malicious behavior from competitors
  • Seeking reimbursement for destroyed/lost FBA inventory

We feel the success of our trademarked approach is a result of our firm culture, where our entire team is passionate about our mission to “Provide entrepreneurs with creative yet logical solutions to support the growth of their business.”

How Do I Find Out More About Synthetic Arbitration From An Amazon Seller Lawyer at ESQgo?

If you feel like Synthetic Arbitration may be just the thing you need to prevent having your selling abilities affected by lengthy or expensive arbitration, call ESQgo to speak with an Amazon seller lawyer. Together, we will look at the issues you are facing and if Synthetic Arbitration seems like a good fit, we will move forward with that process. We may be reached by calling 888-600-1925 or via our contact page.