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What NOT To Do When Amazon Flags You For Forged Or Manipulated Documents

Tue Nov 9, 2021 Blog

Submission of forged or manipulated documents to Amazon may result in having your seller account suspended. While many sellers are aware of this, and would never knowingly submit forged or manipulated documents, there have been situations where employees have submitted altered documents without the seller’s knowledge or permission. If this has happened to you and your account has been flagged, or if your account has been flagged in error, you need to speak with a lawyer with experience in this area. 

Do Not Ignore the Flag; Investigate What Happened

Take the warning from Amazon seriously, even if you are confident your account has been flagged in error. Forgery and the manipulation of documents are taken very seriously by Amazon and will very likely result in account suspension. Immediately begin an internal investigation to determine why this has happened.

Do Not Represent Yourself

Many sellers make the mistake of trying to represent themselves when their account has been suspended. In cases involving forgery and document manipulation, this is never advised as these matters are time-sensitive and serious in nature. It is much easier for an experienced Amazon suspension lawyer to have your account reinstated when you notify them as soon as you become aware of the suspension. This allows them to have the time necessary to properly handle your case. 

Do Not Waste Time

Many sellers attempt to have their account reinstated without the assistance of an Amazon suspension attorney. Only after losing several subsequent appeals to Amazon for their account reinstatement do they seek legal help. Waiting to retain legal assistance is never advised for the following reasons:

  • Each time a seller appeals and loses, they are making the process more difficult for when it is finally handled by an Amazon suspension lawyer. The attorney must now strategically incorporate the statements submitted by the seller in the previous appeals into the new appeal. While this is not impossible, it is certainly more difficult than starting with a clean slate. 
  • Every day that your account remains suspended is another day you are unable to operate your business. By retaining legal representation immediately, you are helping to keep your business afloat. 
  • Attorneys that focus their practice on representing sellers have skills and knowledge regarding Amazon in general, account suspension, and account reinstatement that you are not privy to. They are able to proactively jump in, assess the situation, and give you a realistic picture of what you can expect. 

The Experienced Team at ESQgo is Here for You

If you have been flagged by Amazon for forgery or manipulation of documents, don’t try to handle the appeal on your own. Instead, seek representation from an attorney at ESQgo that understands how selling on Amazon works and can provide you with the assistance you need to keep your business viable. Contact our firm to schedule a free 30-minute initial consultation with an Amazon suspension lawyer