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5 Legal Tips Every Amazon Seller Should Know

Fri Oct 15, 2021 Amazon Tips

Being a successful seller on Amazon requires a significant investment of time, energy, and financial resources. However, if a seller takes the appropriate precautions and safety measures, they can often see a considerable return on their investment. Legal compliance is also key to ensuring success.  Our Amazon seller attorney gives five legal tips for Amazon sellers. 

Protect Your Trademark

A trademark is a word, symbol, or phrase (or any combination of the three) that identifies the source of goods or services. A well-known example is the golden arches associated with McDonald’s. Some businesses will require a trademark to ensure their intellectual property is protected. Without it, they are not assured of a legal remedy should a third-party copy their trademark. The costs of this process are relatively minimal compared with the expenses that can be incurred when a business fails to register its trademark. Whether or not a business necessitates the use of a trademark is an issue best reviewed and addressed by an Amazon seller attorney. It is important to note that a trademark is necessary to enroll in Amazon’s Brand Registry, which provides sellers with additional brand protection. 

File a Patent

If a business involves the use of a novel invention or process, investing in a patent may be required to protect the business’s exclusive use of that invention or process. In doing so, any third party that attempts to imitate and sell the patented item will be prevented from doing so. If they refuse, the seller will be able to obtain the services of an Amazon seller attorney and sue for patent infringement.

Fully Understand The Requirements for Amazon Sellers

Amazon has rules and regulations that every seller on their site must adhere to. Many of these rules are spelled out in its program policies and the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement, which serves as the binding contract every seller agrees to when they sign up to become an Amazon seller. Therefore, a seller must be familiar with these directives so they do not run afoul of them while conducting business with Amazon, which may lead to account suspension. This includes staying on top of any changes Amazon makes to their policy, which happens quite often. 

Be Proactive

Many of the problems that arise for sellers on Amazon could be prevented if the seller would be proactive in how they conduct their business. It is always good advice to have a system in place to ensure every step of the process is double-checked for compliance and accuracy. 

Consult With An Experienced Amazon Seller Attorney

If you are currently selling on Amazon or are in the process of starting to sell on Amazon, you need the guidance of a skilled Amazon seller attorney. At ESQGO, our attorneys are well-versed in intellectual property law and can help your business reach its full potential. You may reach our firm via our contact page to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.