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Amazon Seller Account: How to Overcome Account Verification Challenges

Wed May 17, 2023 Selling on Amazon

Are you an Amazon seller struggling with account verification challenges like the infamous message “unable to verify account information”? You’re not alone. In recent years, Amazon has become stricter with its account verification process, causing frustrations and headaches for many sellers. In addition, the process can be overwhelming and time-consuming, from providing documentation to answering security questions. But fear not; there are ways to overcome these challenges and verify your account. In this article, we’ll explore some common issues that Amazon sellers face during account verification and provide practical tips on overcoming them.

Whether you’re a new seller or an experienced one, these tips will help you navigate the “unable to verify amazon seller” fix and get back to selling on Amazon. So, let’s dive in and discover how to overcome Amazon seller woes.

Common challenges faced during Amazon account verification

Some common challenges faced by Amazon sellers during account verification and unable to verify amazon seller include the following:

Trying to create a Second Seller Account

It is against Amazon’s policy to create a second account. For that reason, Amazon put in place some rules to stop anyone trying to do so.

To comply with Amazon policies, each Seller Central account must have its bank account. It is not allowed for multiple Seller Central accounts to share the same bank account within a single region. However, if you sell in various regions like North America and Europe, you can link your accounts through Amazon Global Selling and use the same bank account. Additionally, every account must use a unique email address and offer different products from any other accounts.

Lack of documentation

One of the most common challenges Amazon sellers face during account verification is a need for more documentation. Amazon requires sellers to provide various documents, including government-issued IDs, business licenses, and tax identification numbers. If you have these documents readily available, it can be easier to complete the verification process successfully.

The complete list of documents required to complete the verification is as follows:  

  • Legal business name
  • Business address
  • Contact information
  • Email address for the company account
  • An internationally chargeable credit card
  • If the credit card isn’t valid, Amazon will cancel your registration
  • Phone number
  • Amazon may need to reach you during the registration process
  • Also, Amazon uses your phone number to verify your account
  • Federal Tax ID; this can be: Your social security number, Your business’ Federal Tax ID number, or your State Tax ID (if you are a U.S. seller)

Failing to answer security questions

Amazon requires sellers to answer a series of security questions during the verification process to verify their identity. Failing to answer these questions correctly can lead to account suspension or termination. In addition, you need to remember the answers to these questions to complete the verification process successfully.

Keeping track of your answers is essential to ensure you answer security questions correctly. Please write down your answers and keep them in a safe place. Then, you can refer to them to remember the answers during the verification process.

Technical issues

Technical issues can also cause challenges during the account verification process. These include slow internet connections, website errors, or Amazon’s verification software issues. Unfortunately, you cannot do many things in this case: wait and try again or contact Client Support.   

Best practices for Amazon account verification

In addition to the strategies mentioned above, there are several best practices that Amazon sellers should follow to ensure a smooth verification process. Here are some best practices to keep in mind:

Be honest and transparent

Amazon values honesty and transparency from its sellers. Therefore, be honest and provide accurate information when completing the verification process. Amazon didn’t publicly state it, but many sellers failed to pass due to this lack of transparency. Please do so to avoid account suspension or termination.

Respond promptly to requests.

Amazon may request additional information or documentation during the verification process. Responding promptly to these requests is essential to ensure the verification process is completed on time.

Maintain accurate records

Maintaining accurate records is essential for Amazon sellers. Keep track of all information related to your business, including financial records, sales records, and customer interactions. This information can be helpful during the verification process and help you avoid future issues with Amazon.

The information must match.

Amazon pays attention to the details, including, for example, the addresses shown in your billing and residence information. The platform will only accept your verification if it is the same.

Better if everything is in high resolution

A human is thoroughly reviewing your application. To ensure a smooth verification process with Amazon, please submit high-resolution scans of your easily readable documents. All information on your records must be displayed clearly.

Tools and resources to help with Amazon account verification

Several tools and resources are available to help Amazon sellers with the account verification process. These include:

Amazon Seller Support

Amazon Seller Support is a valuable resource for sellers facing challenges during the verification process. You can contact Seller Support for assistance with technical issues, security questions, and other verification-related concerns.

Third-Party Services

Several third-party services specialize in helping Amazon sellers with the verification process. These services can help you prepare documentation, answer security questions, and address technical issues. For example, at ESQgo, we have helped more than 1000 Amazon Sellers solve problems stopping them from moving their business forward.

Amazon Seller Forums

The Amazon Seller Forums are an excellent resource for sellers to connect with other sellers and share experiences and tips related to the verification process.


Account verification is an essential process for Amazon sellers to ensure the safety and security of customers and sellers. While the process can be challenging, sellers can use practical tips and strategies to overcome these challenges and verify their accounts. By following best practices, being honest and transparent, and using tools and resources, you can successfully navigate the verification process and return to selling on Amazon. Remember, the verification process is designed to protect you and your customers, so take it seriously and do everything possible to complete it successfully.