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Max is currently based in Managua, capital city of Nicaragua, where he was born and raised. We are as global as our clients!

As our Operations Manager at ESQgo, Max is an advocate for processes and people capabilities developer to relentlessly ensure our services go beyond measurement. He works behind the scenes to support our team and organization, not being afraid of rolling up his sleeves, and always ready to jump into any opportunity to help clients.

Having been an HR practitioner for about 8 years now, Max’s experience includes areas such as Leadership Consultancy, Talent Acquisition, Organizational Design & Development, Talent Management, Organizational Culture & Engagement, Total Rewards, People Communication, Employer Branding, HR Infrastructure, and HR Digitalization at a global scale within USA, LATAM, and APAC markets. Additionally, he has contributed to organizations through people solutions in industries like hotel chains, construction, healthcare, retail, optical, BPO, finance, and staffing, among others, now transitioning into legal.

Max holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, a post-degree in HR management, and a specialization in Talent Management. He is currently majoring in psychology and undertaking a multi-certification program in HR at AIHR as well. Human behavior has always been his curiosity trigger to learn and know more every day.

Feeling fortunate to have worked hand in hand with extremely talented HR professionals and leaders across the globe, Max managed to get organizational capabilities evolved for companies’ competitiveness. Such transformations led to increased client satisfaction, lower turnover, employer branding expansion, and people careers development.

Max likes to leverage the word simplicity in everything that he does, always thinking about making processes at work and in his personal life effortless. A mental health advocate, Max is a believer that small things create amazing memories. When he’s not working or studying, he likes to relax and get recharged by reading a book, having in-depth conversations with family or friends about any given topic on the patio of his house while enjoying a BBQ.