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We are as global as our clients! Headquartered in Burbank, California, Joe is currently located in a small town in Jalisco, Mexico.

As a Client Services Executive, his goal is to learn all about the concerns or roadblocks that our clients are facing and once he has a clear understanding of their needs or issues, he offers the best solution we have, whether it is Amazon, Intellectual Property or Walmart Law. He is also the “ears” of ESQgo, so he will be checking in with our existing clients to get any comments or feedback regarding our services; he really loves to stay in touch with our clients to make sure they feel heard and happy.

Joe was a language teacher for 9 years, which helped him create quick connections with the people around him, sympathize and place himself in other people’s shoes to better understand what they are going through. After that he managed a small call center where he used his experience as a teacher to become a coach and a leader for the other agents.

Besides being certified as an English Language Teacher, Joe is currently enrolled in a bachelor’s in Business Administration. He discovered himself with a knack and interest for business management and customer service. Therefore, he asked himself “Why not study what I like?”

He likes to maintain a healthy mind and body. Reading classical literature and self-improvement books exercise his mind and going to the gym and running keeps him in physical shape.  But the thing Joe enjoys the most in the whole world is spending time with his beloved wife: watching a movie, taking long walks on the weekend, or eating out, are just some of the things they love to do. Oh, and SWIMMING! Joe loves to go swimming, particularly at the beach, a lake or a natural spring!