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Why is Amazon Not Accepting My Invoices?

Tue Nov 23, 2021 Blog

Product authenticity is a hot-button topic for anyone involved with selling on Amazon. When authenticity is being questioned, Amazon will typically ask that you submit your invoices to them for review. If you do not comply with this request, or if your invoices do not meet certain requirements, you may face the following penalties:

If at any point during this process you are unclear how to proceed, it is important to contact an experienced Amazon seller attorney to advise you of the best way to protect yourself and your business. 

Amazon Invoice Requirements

Amazon is reviewing your invoices to be certain the information makes sense and contains certain details. So what information is required of its seller’s invoices? 

  • Legibility and Accuracy: Amazon will be verifying the information contained on the invoice, so it is necessary that the invoice be easy to read and all information listed be accurate. 
  • Dates & Quantities: Dates and quantities must be listed on invoices, and must correspond with other information available to Amazon. For example, Amazon will check the date the order was placed and the number of units ordered to ensure the information corresponds to your sales volume for said product(s).
  • Existence of Invoices: Part of the reason Amazon asks for your invoices is to verify that they exist. If you are unable to provide them, Amazon will likely revoke your ability to sell.
  • Seller/Supplier Information: It is important that invoices reflect the name of your legal entity and your business address as it is listed on Seller Central. Also, the invoice must show accurate information for the supplier, as Amazon will contact them to verify the veracity of the invoice.

An Amazon Seller Attorney Advises Questions to ask if Amazon is not accepting your invoices

  • Are your invoices dated within the relevant timeframe?
  • Does the purchaser’s name on your invoice match your legal entity registered on Seller Central? 
  • Does the billing and shipping address on your invoice match your business address on Seller Central?
  • Does the product described on the invoice exactly match the product described on the listing?
  • Do the total units on your invoice(s) match your sales volume for the past 365 days prior to the suspension?
  • Are you submitting a clear copy of the original invoice without any alterations or modifications? 
  • Is your supplier the rights owner or a verifiable authorized distributor of the brand in question?

Speak with an Amazon Seller Attorney 

If your invoices are not being accepted by Amazon and you are unclear as to the reason why, you should speak with a knowledgeable Amazon seller attorney that can help you decipher the reasoning behind your invoice rejections. At ESQgo, our firm of legal professionals will sit down with you and not only help you unravel the reason why the rejections are happening but also how to resolve them and prevent them from happening again. Contact our firm to schedule a no-cost 30-minute consultation.