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Who’s Attorney Mario Simonyan?

Thu Feb 20, 2020 Blog

IP Attorney

Mario Simonyan is the founder of ESQgo, an intellectual property law firm. He’s making his name in his field as soon as he put up his successful boutique law firm two years ago. With a concrete background and expertise in trademark and copyright, Mario is committed to helping entrepreneurs who deal with intellectual property issues connected to selling online.

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Simonyan knows that he’s on to something in the ability of boutiques to adapt to changes in the legal industry more quickly than BigLaw. Navigating that challenge and successfully battling the big guys is among the most rewarding aspects of his job.


Question: You have developed an impressive trademark portfolio very quickly. How do you market your services and get new clients?

Mario: …the secret is RELATIONSHIPS. I am a firm believer in relationships, and fortunately I am pretty good at cultivating and nurturing them.