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When Should You Hire an Amazon Lawyer?

Fri Dec 13, 2019 Blog

Conducting business on Amazon is not a walk in the park.

There are various complications that you may encounter along the way.

Transactions may not always run smoothly and at some point, you may need the services of an Amazon lawyer.

When Should You Hire an Amazon Lawyer?

If you have been cautious to abide by the seller requirements on Amazon, and still encountered a breach of trust, then it might call for legal redress.

The most common cases that many Amazon users raise are about account suspensions.

There are however many more obstacles that sellers come across during transactions on Amazon.

Account Suspension

It is very devastating to wake up one morning and find that your Amazon account has been suspended.

Before this stalls your business, it is best to read and understand the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement (“BSA”) which dictates the terms of operating on Amazon.

You should also be aware of the main reasons that may cause your account to be suspended.

You’ll need the services of competent Amazon lawyers to represent you if you want to stand a chance at winning cases.

Main Reasons For Account Suspensions

Below are some of the reasons that can lead to account suspensions.

Addressing Intellectual Property Complaints

The enforcement of trademarks, patents, and copyrights are covered under Intellectual property law.

It is one of the most common causes of account suspensions on Amazon.

You will be notified of the complaint and your product removed from the listing to allow you to work out the issue with the owner of the rights.

If you choose to ignore the complaint then there is a high probability that your Amazon account will be suspended. One way you will get your account reactivated is by negotiating with the rights owner to withdraw the complaint.

In case the process becomes difficult then a reliable Amazon seller attorney can be of great help.

Operating Multiple Seller Accounts

Amazon policies prohibit sellers to operate multiple accounts. However, some people ignore this.

You may apply for an exemption if your business genuinely requires another account.

If you opt to overlook this, then be prepared to face the Amazon AI and specialists that are great at finding such infractions.

Hacked Seller Accounts

There has been an increase in cases of hacked Amazon seller accounts in recent year.

Such issues can easily be handled by Amazon seller lawyers and your account will be reinstated.

It is, however, your duty to set up security measures that will ensure that this does not happen to your account.

Selling Prohibited Products

Certain products are prohibited for sale on Amazon. The Amazon policy clearly states the kind of products that fall under this category.

As a seller, you are advised to know these policies which are revised from time to time.

Authenticity Complaints

Amazon is very strict when it comes to product authenticity.

Most of the complaints that reach Amazon seller lawyers are usually baseless.

Oftentimes, they are made by disgruntled buyers that are not content with their purchase.

The best way to handle such cases is to immediately respond to buyer complaints.

Amazon takes them seriously and is swift to enforce the account suspension. With the help of Amazon seller lawyers, you can put in place quality control measures that will protect you.

Copyright Infringement

The use of text or images that belong to someone else when creating a listing on Amazon is an intellectual property violation.

Copyright infringement issues can be complicated as Amazon requires one to resolve the matter with the rights owner.

It is best to obtain permission to use text or images to avert such occurrences. The use of an Amazon seller’s attorney will help you to resolve the issue and get your account reinstated.

Unauthorized Sales

This often occurs when a seller is not an authorized distributor of the products they are selling on Amazon.

Amazon does not impose exclusive distributor agreements.

However, this matter is taken as intellectual property infringement.

These complaints are usually baseless and expose the complainants to the liability of lying under oath.

Amazon lawyers are capable of reinstating accounts suspended due to such complaints without too much difficulty.

Other reasons for account suspension are negative feedback, late shipments or even trying to open another account after being suspended.

It takes several complaints about an Amazon account to be suspended but there are instances where a single mistake is enough.

Accounts suspensions should not be too much of an issue, and getting the right Amazon attorney will ensure that your account is up and running in no time.

Other Reasons For Lawyer Assistance

There are a few other minor reasons as to why a lawyer may come in handy. Some of these reasons are as follows:

Competitor Negotiations – they help minimize disputes in international and domestic supplier negotiations.

Asset Purchase Agreements – assisting clients draft asset purchase agreements for a smooth transition.

MAP Policies and Reseller Agreements – coupled with brand protection policies and quality control procedures.

Intellectual Property – assist in the development, registration, and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Getting Your Own Amazon Lawyer

As the leading online market place, business activities on Amazon can become perilous if you ignore legal requirements.

It is important for you to handle your business correctly – remember Amazon law can catch up with you should you breach their policies.

At the same time, these situations are the be-all and end-all. There are plenty of great Amazon seller attorneys to get you out of precarious situations.

Need your own Amazon lawyer for your brand? Get in touch now!