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Amazon Seller Horror Story

Wed Sep 4, 2019 Amazon Brand Registry


Months ago, someone came to us asking for legal advice. He had lost his Amazon listing to a hijacker who had taken over his listing. Making matters worse for him, the hijacker had obtained a trademark registration for his brand name with the USPTO before he could. Because of this, the hijacker was able to show proof to Amazon that they owned the brand name. 

While it’s true that he could still prove “first use” of the brand name with the USPTO, it would have cost him about $20,000 in attorney and government fees. Ultimately, he was forced to rebrand because it was cheaper than battling it out with the hijacker.

Unfortunately, you will hear more stories like his out there. We still believe Amazon is a powerful platform to build your brand provided that you go into it armed with the proper legal protections to get started. When you register a trademark for your brand name early, you will reap the long-term benefits of running a legitimate and profitable business.

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