What is Listing Hijacking?

Pirates are funny, and sometimes cute in movies, but they can be a real pest when they hijack your Amazon listing.
So, let’s knock these hijackers off your listing.

While a registered trademark significantly increases the effectiveness of removing a hijacker, other methods are available for sellers who do not have a registered trademark.
If this happens to you, we can help.

Why Choose Us

Founded by Mario Simonyan, an Amazon Seller who built and sold two seven-figure Amazon Private Label brands, ESQGO was created to combine his deep knowledge of Amazon and legal expertise into helping Amazon Sellers deal with legal issues related to selling on Amazon.

Why was my Listing Hijacked?


There are many reasons why you were targeted for hijacking, but the most important one is success! You’re doing well enough that someone else is looking to piggyback off of you. Some other things that make a listing an easy target are:

  1. Lack of Intellectual Property Protections and Enforcement
  2. Generic Products
  3. Better Counterfeit Performance (stealing buy box)
  4. Poor Branding
  5. Lack of Amazon Brand Registry
    and more…

As you become more successful, on Amazon, hijackers will begin looking at you a little more intently.
We recommend that you prepare yourself, your brand, and your listings; and we can help you do that.

Get Started 100% Digitally

While our physical location is in Los Angeles, California, we have worked with people from all over the United States on getting their listing hijackers removed.

From Our Clients

“Mario is incredibly knowledgeable about all things IP law — particularly the aspects of IP law that pertain to Amazon sellers. Staff is very informative without overwhelming. An amazing resource for any entrepreneur. Extremely satisfied with this firm — an overall pleasant & professional experience!”

-Kristen Michelle

“I had great experience with EsqGo. Mario is an awesome lawyer. He is really an expert in the field. He is super accessible, any time I had a question, I was able to reach him almost immediately. His email responses were even quicker. He was even on a 3 way call with me & Amazon. He truly cared for me as his client…I highly recommend him for his expertise & diligence.”

-Abu Yusuf

“The best when it comes to Amazon Seller concerns! Spoke to the owner Mario. He quickly understands your situation and will only recommend his services if he believes he can be of help – which is super refreshing! I highly recommend Mario and his team for any legal needs ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

-Anela Carevic