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ASIN Reinstatement

Whether it is an IP infringement claim, order defect rate, inauthentic claims, or patent trolls, you need to get your ASIN reinstated.
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Amazon Account Reinstatement

Account suspensions is what keeps all Amazon sellers up at night.
If you are unfortunate enough to be in such a situation, then you need a team that ensures you are their priority.
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Amazon Listing Hijacker Removal

In most scenarios, if you have a hijacker – then congratulations – it means your listing is doing exceptionally well.
Now that we’ve congratulated you, let’s get that hijacker off your listing. Learn More

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“Mario is incredibly knowledgeable about all things IP law — particularly the aspects of IP law that pertain to Amazon sellers. Staff is very informative without overwhelming. An amazing resource for any entrepreneur. Extremely satisfied with this firm — an overall pleasant & professional experience!”

-Kristen Michelle

“I had great experience with EsqGo. Mario is an awesome lawyer. He is really an expert in the field. He is super accessible, any time I had a question, I was able to reach him almost immediately. His email responses were even quicker. He was even on a 3 way call with me & Amazon. He truly cared for me as his client…I highly recommend him for his expertise & diligence.”

-Abu Yusuf

“The best when it comes to Amazon Seller concerns! Spoke to the owner Mario. He quickly understands your situation and will only recommend his services if he believes he can be of help – which is super refreshing! I highly recommend Mario and his team for any legal needs ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

-Anela Carevic

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Meaning Behind an Amazon Right’s Owner Complaint Email

Discussed previously on this blog are some initial steps to take if you have received an e-mail from Amazon regarding a complaint from a “rights owner” that alleges your company infringes its patent.  Below is the hypothetical e-mail we previously discussed that will...

Fight Against Amazon Owner’s Rights Claim

Here is a hypothetical situation that, unfortunately, may not be so hypothetical for your company: Your Company, ABC LLC, is doing well on Amazon – you are taking orders and receiving positive attention and attracting customers.  Then, in your e-mail inbox, you...

What is an ASIN Number and Why is it Important to Amazon?

What is an ASIN Number and Why is it Important to Amazon?

If you're new to selling on Amazon, the company's persnickety requirements can be overwhelming. If you've used other platforms to sell online, Amazon's terms can seem overboard. But there's a good reason they're the top retail platform on the planet, and its terms are...